I’m sorry, what?

I was sitting in church last Wednesday night minding my own business. Pastor gets up to give some announcements before the teacher comes up for the lesson. He says that the person who has been teaching the Wednesday night kids class has decided to step down and if anyone would like to take it over, please see him. Ho hummm, I thought.

Take that class.

I’m sorry, what?

Take it.

But…am I not doing enough? I work a full-time job and just in the last few weeks took on a second job so that I could give the $120/mo that you asked of me. This means that I’m working 55+ hours a week. (I’ve found that I thoroughly enjoy working at the Christian bookstore where I spend my evenings. It doesn’t feel like work.)

You said that you’d step out in faith and see where I’d take you.

Okay, so how about this. If I haven’t been able to shake this thought by next Wednesday, then I will take it.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday found me thinking about this class pretty much nonstop. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday…not so much. “Okay, so maybe God wasn’t calling me to that class. Whew.” Wednesday afternoon as I sat at work, I felt a huge “tap on my shoulder” in a spiritual sense to go ahead and text them that I’d take the class. I typed out the text message without putting anyone’s name on the “To” line. I read it a few times. Then I added their name. I read it a few more times. Held my breath and hit send. A few minutes passed and they replied that yes, I could have the class.

(Teaching children is not new to me. I’ve been in a self-imposed Sunday School teachers retirement for about 6 years. Prior to that, I taught for about 10 years – all at my current church. I’d never felt the urging to step back into teaching.)

After I the conversation that led to me being given the class (which officially happened later that evening with an in-person meeting with a couple of people) I let God know that teaching this class was not my idea. It isn’t my vision. It isn’t my burden to figure out. This is His class. His vision and His burden. I’m not going to stress about planning anything for it. And honestly, I’ve already watched God start making plans, which is crazy. I was texting a friend because we will need to share some of the time with kids choir practice and without me thinking about it – dates and plans begin to flow out of my mind. Not a lot – but enough for the moment. Isn’t that how God typically works? Giving you enough for the moment. I’m fully trusting Him to continue planning this class. I’m bringing Him water and letting Him turn it into wine.


What do you think?

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