I have never exactly been known for my stellar decorating skills or my ability to keep a clean house. In fact, I lived in my current house about 3 years before I hung curtains (There were shades, but no curtains). I live alone, so there was nobody messing the house up except for me…and yet I always felt like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. Messiness just followed him, no matter what he did. That’s how I felt. Somehow it never occurred to me that having a clean house is a process and not an event. And if you want me to get very psychological – I think that having a messy house was a defense mechanism. I didn’t see it at the time, but I do now. About two weeks ago, something just clicked. I cleaned my house, rearranged it, and it has been clean ever since. I don’t even feel like it has been hard to keep it clean. I even invited friends over. If someone knocked on my door right now, I’d let them in with no hesitation. My bed is even made. And then, it occurred to me this morning that being married would be nice.

What. Whut. Who is this? Despite being almost 37, getting married was rarely a thought in my head. Did I grow up in the last month? The sudden ability to keep a clean house and thinking that getting married sounds nice? In just the last two weeks, I’ve involved myself in projects – things that are completely normal for everyone else but things that I always thought I’d do “after I clean my house.” A messy house allowed me to push everything back and suddenly with that gone…I’m ready to open myself up to more things.

Who is this new person? I turn 37 in three weeks and I think it is going to be an interesting year.


What do you think?

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