Don’t panic

I have a new job.

I. have. a. new. job.


Get that? I have a new job. It is with the bank that I’ve worked at for seven years, so that is nice since I have about 6 weeks of PTO saved up. The job title, I admit, sounds fake: Loan Documentation Specialist. I think it is the “specialist” part that sounds made up. But it isn’t. I promise. I will be going from a front line teller to a back office person with no customer contact. Sounds like heaven! But, I have to write this blog to myself. Because things are going to get rough.

And I will want to throw in the towel.

This post is to serve as a reminder that the feeling of having made a mistake will happen. It will happen and it will hit me hard. Probably after a couple of weeks on the job – maybe a month. There will come a time when I will realize how far out of my comfort zone I’ve gotten myself and I will panic. I will panic and long for the days of being a teller at my old branch – where the work was simple, unchallenging, and comfortable. Here is what I have to tell myself: That feeling of panic WILL pass. And when you reach the other side of it – is where you will begin carving out a new comfort zone. It’s where you will gain confidence in your job. But first, the panic will come. It doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake and should bail. It means that you’re growing. Don’t panic over the panic. It won’t stay for long.


What do you think?

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