Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers

I’ve had quite a few job interviews lately. Some within my company and some not. Job searching is stressful, guys!

I wish that I was one of those people who knows with certainty what they want to be when they grow up. A doctor, a nurse, a teacher…etc. That would have made life easier. Instead, I didn’t know. So I graduated high school way back in 1996 and went to community college. I finished one semester and was offered a job in a bank making a whopping $7.75/hr. Back in 1997 that was a lot of money for someone who just got out of high school. Except it interfered with my college schedule. So I quietly dropped out of college and just started working as a part-time teller. The problem with this plan is that it is 2014 and I’m still a bank teller. That was not how I’d pictured it going! Granted, I am now considered a “level 3” bank teller and I make enough money to comfortably support myself – but I’m still a bank teller. Over the years, I would take a class or two each semester at the community college where I’d previously dropped out and eventually my advisor said “If you’ll buckle down, you can finish this associate’s up in a year” and so I did. My 2 year degree took me 18 years to complete. And then I went right into a 2 year program for my bachelor’s degree and I finished that up earlier this year.

So now – here I am. Still doing a job that I fell into when I was 19 years old…but NO MORE. No more, I tell you. This week I applied for a job within my company (where I’ve been for 7 years and have about 9 weeks of PTO stored up…I’d prefer to stay there for obvious reasons) and am not even going to hold back on telling you how MUCH that I want this job. It’s not an exciting job (But no bank jobs are truly exciting, let’s be honest)…I’d be in loan documentation. But it would be a challenge, more money, and I would finally not be a bank teller anymore. Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers for this one!!


What do you think?

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