Your kid isn’t cute

Okay, they are cute. But not always. Or at least…not always to everyone else. I will concede that sometimes it is funny when small just-learning-to-talk tots are sassy or misbehave in clever ways. But it isn’t always cute. 

Real life example: A couple of weeks ago, a very proud grandmother brought her just-turned-3-year-old to church with her. She allowed her to sit with the older kids on the other side of the church. Strike One. She isn’t old enough to sit without adult supervision, so she’s chatting and moving around and standing in the pew while the 10 year old’s are trying to contain her.  The worship team begins to sing a song and the tot stands up and begins jumping around. It’s a worshipful church where people DO jump up and down occasionally. But this isn’t one of those times. Tot is jumping around in circles and Grandmother is beaming with pride and videoing her. Strike two. Later it was posted on Facebook as “worship.” No, Grandma. That wasn’t worship. Strike 2.5. Later in the service, the same tot begins to wander around the sanctuary sitting with different people. She wanders over to my niece’s things and starts pulling out her snack and her toys. Grandmother is STILL beaming with pride that her little granddaughter is being so social. Strike THREE. No, Grandma. We’ve crossed the line from adorable to misbehaving. It is not adorable for you to allow your grandchild free reign of the sanctuary. Not everyone thinks this behavior is the cutest thing ever. At least I don’t. 



What do you think?

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