No phone call. Yet.

“We will make our decision on Friday or Monday.”

I clung to the “Friday” part of that sentence because I didn’t think that my anxiety could handle waiting over the weekend. But here I am…waiting over the weekend. I’ve decided to go ahead and tell the story.

Last August I took my niece to a street fair at our local theatre. Games, arts and crafts, and a sample class of the children’s acting troupe called Footlights. My niece has a huge imagination and I had often thought that she would really enjoy being part of Footlights (lots of theatre games and they meet for one hour every Saturday morning during the school year). She had the opportunity to participate in the sample class that day and man o’ man she was in her element. I decided then and there that I would put her in Footlights as her Christmas present. She enjoyed the first session of Footlights and decided to continue to the second session (each session is 10 weeks). This time, she opted for the Musical Theatre class. Over the summer, a different theatre in our town did a summer camp and at the end they put on the show Treasure Island. My mom knew how much my niece had missed Footlights, that she enrolled her. Their performances were 4:30PM and 7:30PM on Friday. I opted to just take the entire Friday off work rather than try and get off early.

That Friday morning, I was lounging around drinking coffee and decided to read the newspaper. In the newspaper was a job posting for a company well-known for being a great place to work.  In order to apply, you had to apply through the unemployment office. I thought, well, I’m off work so I might as well apply. I had a lot of things planned for that day and I just tacked this last errand onto the end of my list. I figured it should put me at the unemployment office around 2PM. While I was out and about, I just so happened to change my schedule up and decided to go apply for the job second instead of last. I got down there about 10:30AM and finished up about an hour later. As I was leaving the unemployment office, I realized that they closed at Noon on Fridays. Had I left it last, I wouldn’t have been able to apply.

A week later I received a phone call asking me to come in for an interview. They said “Can you come in at 3:45?” and I checked my schedule…I was scheduled to leave at 3:30PM. So I made it to the first interview. The next day, they called me for a second interview “Can you come in at 7:15AM?” Yes, I don’t have to be at work until 8:30AM.” This job is a dream job. The pay is about 6k more per year, they would pay 80% of my tuition for me to get my masters, they pay 100% of my insurance and I could retire with a full pension in 27 years. My mom told me not to get my hopes up – but I am getting my hopes up. I realize that I may not be chosen for the job, but such an insignificant event a year ago has resulted in me being here today – waiting for the phone call. Bottom line is that if we hadn’t gone to the street fair last year, I wouldn’t be in the running for this job. It is all so serendipitous that it would be a shame if I didn’t get the job.

Please feel free to send prayers up about this job. I want it.

Edited to add:

On Thursday my phone that I had been using messed up and I switched back to my iPhone. I just realized today (Saturday) that my voice mail did not remain set up. In other words, had they called me yesterday they couldn’t have left a voice mail. (I had no missed calls, so I know they didn’t call). Is this another It just so happened? Did they need to wait until Monday to call me so that my voice mail would be operational? We will see. Pray saints, pray.


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