Plexus Update

A week after my initial post about beginning Plexus, I have an update for you.

I only took it one day.

I received it in the mail and took the accelerator pill and the Plexus Slim drink (It is a mix that goes into your water) the following morning. I made a point to eat a regular breakfast and lunch because I wanted to know how this would affect me. Breakfast was eggs and a slice of wheat bread and I don’t remember what lunch was, but it was something normal and from home – not fast food. I had coffee with breakfast (with cream and no sugar) and a lot of water. Throughout the day, I slowly felt worse and worse until the end of my workday rolled around and I had a pounding headache and a large amount of “brain fog.” I was told this was my body detoxing, but since I didn’t alter my diet with the exception of drinking more water, I can’t imagine what or how I was detoxing. I decided that I didn’t trust the pills or drink and vowed to never take anymore.

I’ve decided that I prefer to do things the normal way. Eat lots of vegetables, some fruits, very little sugar and processed foods, take a multi-vitamin and keep my eating out to a minimum. Since it is Saturday I was able to hit up the farmer’s market this morning. Dinner will be asparagus, broccoli, green beans, corn on the cob, some ham slices and cheese. All of that is from local farmers except the cheese. Yum!!


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