Every time I pay my cell phone bill, I die a little on the inside. I have an iPhone and I really like it. Except I do not like paying $120 a month for my cell phone. I see the $50 for my monthly data plan on the statement and cringe as I realize that it costs me $4/mo more than my home internet. I have internet at work and I have internet at home. Why am I paying $50 a month so that I can also have internet…where? In line at the grocery? Waiting at stop lights? When I am at dinner with friends or family and feeling bored? Admittedly, I will miss having immediate access to Hopstop when I am in New York – but as I am only there 5 days per year, I feel certain that I can work around that.

Can I do it?  Can I declare a revolution and turn my back on smartphones? That isn’t as easy as it seems, since the one feature I am unwilling to give up is a Qwerty keypad. Can you even imagine having to text the non-qwerty keypad way again? While I was once quite speedy, I don’t intend on reverting quite that far. Verizon no longer sells a dumb-phone that also has qwerty keypads and this is probably the reason.  I’m in a contract until October 2015 – after that…I may even ditch the contract phone and move over to Straight Talk. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Will I really find myself all that disconnected? I’ll still have a phone, I’ll still have my iPhone for use on wifi, and I have a Kindle which also can connect to wifi. OH, and I have a laptop with internet access at home and I have internet access at work.

I think I’ll be okay.

Have you ever considered ditching the smartphone?


What do you think?

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