Good, Not Better

I’ve been thinking.

I hear this from people – when something bad happens to someone or occasionally I see memes on Facebook that insinuate this…that God won’t take something from you if He does not intend to replace it with something better.

I’m not sure that is biblical.

Yes, the bible does say “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. Does this verse imply that everything will work out for good to each individual person if they love God?

It cannot mean that, it just can’t. That would mean that if someone’s child passes away, that God has something better in store. Any parent would tell you that NOTHING is better than the child they lost. There will never be a situation given to them that causes them to look back at the loss and be okay with it. I will say that, in my experience, people who have suffered such a horrific loss are some of the most beautiful people I know. Not right away – but as the years pass, they become beautiful spirits.

Here is what I think it means: It means that all things work together for good. ALL THINGS. Not YOUR things. In the whole big scope of the world and every single living and breathing person existing upon this earth…such great losses can be worked together for good for someone. The word is GOOD and not BETTER. The bible doesn’t say that all things work together for better. Your child has a debilitating illness – it will lead you to meet people that you never would have met with a well child. Is it better for you to make those acquaintances rather than having a healthy child? No. But for somebody it is working together for a purpose.


What do you think?

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