Kidd Kraddick

If you’ve never heard of Kidd Kraddick, allow me to make a small introduction.  He was a radio personality who hosted a syndicated radio show in over 100 markets in the United States. He has a charity called Kidd’s Kids, and every November they take families of chronically or terminally ill children to Disney World.  Anywhere from 40-50 families attend each year – and it’s the entire family. Mom, dad, brothers and sisters.  A carefree week for the family at the happiest place on earth.  No doctor appointments, (although they do take doctors with them, diseases don’t take a break just because you’re at Disney), no hospitals, just surrounded by families who know what it is like to spend a lot of time being sick.  On Saturday afternoon, at a charity golf tournament for Kidd’s Kids, Kidd Kraddick passed away.  The autopsy report has listed his cause of death as an enlarged heart and blocked arteries.  Whether he knew of this heart condition is between Kidd and his doctor.  I had wanted to blog about Kidd, but couldn’t figure out what to say.  Then, I commented on a blog post from a former employee of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and it came out just right.  My comment will be posted below, if you’d like to read the original post, you can click here. (It seems the website has crashed, her blog is receiving too many hits.  Hopefully the server will come back up as traffic subsides.)

Her blog is back up, and here is my reply:

I don’t know if I can be considered a “long time listener” since I know that there are others like you who have listened for 20 years and longer. I am not entirely certain how long I have listened, but I know it was at least one year prior to Kellie becoming pregnant with EK, which would put me in the 8-9 year range of listening to the show. The first couple of years I was a casual listener. Then, October 2007 I donated to Kidd’s Kids for the first time. My niece was born just a few days prior to Kidd’s Kids day and I felt that I needed to pay my “healthy kid tax”. I think I gave $20, but that $20 made me more interested in the trip that year. I’ve given each year since, and with each year, I felt like I came to get to know the cast more and more. People came and went, but then Jenna and J-Si joined and it all seemed to settle into a very comfortable group. I listened to the show ALL THE TIME. I had the podcasts on my iPod for long trips, I listened in the morning getting ready for work, I had it on again in the evenings. On Saturdays, I would listen to it while cleaning the house. Over the 8ish years of listening, Kidd Kraddick (and the whole crew) became like friends. They were always there at the touch of a button.

I can’t imagine how the show can continue, and that saddens me – they are such a big part of my life. Strange to say about people I never really knew, but when you live alone and literally listen to them in all your down time at home and in the car, they become like family to you.

So that I end on a lighter note – Kellie retweeted from a listener earlier “The only thing that makes this sadder is that he died in the only state that ends with an A.” Well done, fellow listener. Well done.

I’m going to go eat some corn.


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