Self-driving Car

My entire driving life, (which has now been longer than my non-driving life) I’ve wished a self-driving car existed.  Not for everyday use, I am quite capable of driving myself around.  My dream has been for road trips.  I live six hours from Chicago – how amazing to get in my car, set it, and take off.  Since I’d be able to read, eat, watch a movie, or even (If I were brave enough), sleep, I could easily leave at 3AM, let my car drive me to Chicago.  I could enjoy the entire day in Chicago, then set my car to drive me back home.  It wouldn’t matter how little sleep I’d gotten, the danger of falling asleep while driving would be eliminated.  I would, essentially, be a passenger.

How do you feel about a self-driving car?  I never really thought this would happen in my lifetime, but check out what Google is doing:

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