What I’ve learned

I am halfway through my Bachelor program as a Psych major and I realized over the weekend that I have learned a lot from my classmates.  You see, we go to school in cohorts.  This means that my group of about 20 students take all our classes together and in the same location – our teacher will rotate with each subject.  It puts us in a situation of being more likely to finish our degree and helps us gain support and learn from each other.  I realized this weekend that I have learned a lot from my classmates.

You can be too spiritual.  I attend a Christian university and every class period is opened with a short devotion, prayer requests, and then we are led in a short prayer.  I have a classmate who dominates prayer request time with “prayer and praise” as she calls it.  Pray that she will eat healthy, pray for a person in her church who needs a job, pray for her daughter to pass a test, praise that her parents blessed her with money and she was able to buy an iPhone, and the list could (and does) go on.  She takes up so much time every week, that nobody else bothers to speak up.  A few weeks ago she was down the hall during this time and other people spoke up.  One man has a son in prison and he has an upcoming opportunity to get out of jail after being in there for 7 years.  If the judge doesn’t let him out, he’ll serve another 10-20 years for a crime committed when he was 17 years old.  One girl is going through a divorce and asked us to pray that she would be able to find a place for her and her four children to live – she began to cry, she is under a lot of stress.  Another girl’s son is dealing with seizures and the doctors aren’t sure why. One classmate’s father just passed away and the family is having a very difficult time coping.  Another classmate has a brother with special needs and she asked for prayer that her family would find strength to deal with him as he is getting older and more challenging.

To hear what everyone had to say was heartbreaking to me.  I realized that many of them have been sitting on these needs because someone else always felt the need to dominate with (In comparison) petty needs and praises that are best offered during private times.

What I have learned from this is that just because you have the opportunity to speak does not mean you should.  While I may be quite thankful for having the money to have an iPhone, perhaps it is best to be grateful in private.  I’ve learned that it is very important to be silent and let others speak.  To listen.

Be quiet and listen. That’s what I have learned halfway through this program.


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