Birthday weekend

Over the weekend I had a birthday. I won’t tell you how old I am, but I will say that this was the 35th time that I’ve seen January 19.  I only remember 31 or 32 of those, though.

It was, perhaps, the most interesting birthday weekend I’ve had in awhile.  Or ever, I can’t remember the past very well.

The weekend started off normal – dinner with my mom and oldest niece – it ended with this:










A casino. 3.5 hours south of where I live.  Not being a fan of losing money, I was a spectator rather than a gambler.  This isn’t the casino we spent the most time in, but it was the only one I took a picture of at night.  (This was not with my mom and niece, but with friends)













The next morning, I met a cardboard cutout of Paula Deen, y’all.  We ate at her buffet at the Harrah’s Casino – it was pretty good.  Unfortunately I felt a responsibility to taste as many food items as possible.  Despite only putting two bites of each dish on my plate, I was still about to explode when I left.  If I ever visit again I will only eat three things: Pulled pork, hoecakes (that’s right, hoecakes) and bread pudding.  It’s all I needed.  It’s all you will need, too.












After we gorged at Paula’s buffet, we headed home via Memphis.  It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it felt fitting to go see the place where MLK was assassinated.  Despite only living three hours away, none of us had ever visited the site.  The area was full of people and it was surreal to stand there knowing what had taken place here.  We were unable to tour the museum, but it was enough to see it.


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