2013 Book

The year 2013 is a book and January 1 is the first page.

I heard that in church on Sunday, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  So, here’s what my first page would say:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amy.  She had the day off work and slept much longer than she normally would.  After she stumbled out of bed and made a pot of coffee, she made a delicious batch of french toast.  For the next 4 hours she mostly stared at her laptop, occasionally pausing to clean a bit of her house (So that the day would feel productive).  After taking a shower, she ate some more french toast. She then dressed and went to see the final Twilight movie.  During this movie, she covered her eyes a few times, drove home, and ate more french toast.

After only speaking four words out loud to another human (One for Twilight, please.) she was in bed by 9PM.


What do you think?

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