Charlotte’s birth story

I didn’t have a blog when my first niece was born – but I’m going to try and tell Charlotte her story. I know there is a lot that I will forget by the time she wants to hear the story.

Thursday night (Thanksgiving) – Your mom was to be induced! We (Me, Granny, Paw-Paw, and your sister) were SO excited to finally meet you. She had some medicine on Thursday night and more medicine on Friday morning. By Friday at lunch it was pretty clear – you were not coming today. They said, come back Saturday night.

Saturday night – Ultrasound to make sure you were still okay. You were, so they sent everyone home and said “We will try again on Tuesday.”

Sunday – Your mom started texting Granny that some things were happening, and by 12PM she was having contractions every 3 minutes. She took a shower and they left for the hospital at 12:30PM. Me, Granny, Paw-Paw, and your sister were at Sunday School that morning and went to eat some mexican food for lunch. We left the restaurant around 1PM. Me and your sister went back to my house to change clothes and we played around for a little bit before we headed to the hospital around 1:30PM. We settled in for the long-haul. Played a few games, talked about what we would do for dinner, things like that. I suppose when you make up your mind to do something…you do it quickly. You were born at 3:49PM. Your doctor did not even have time to wash up and make it into the delivery room – the nurses took care of your arrival. I met you about 40 minutes after you were born and I held you for the first time about 3 hours after you were born. Why didn’t I hold you the first time I saw you? Because your sister couldn’t keep her hands off you!! She was so excited to finally meet you and I didn’t want to keep her from you. When I saw you that evening, I held you and you cried.

Monday – I visited you on my lunch break. I held you quite awhile and you cried. I came back after I got off work and this time I figured out how you like to be held and you haven’t cried with me since 🙂

It’s Tuesday and you’ve gone home from the hospital. I will see you again on Thursday!!



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