four days

I’m waiting for my niece to be born.  Her name will be Charlotte and I’m very ready to snuggle with her and let her spit up all over me.  It is still four days until her due date, but I was hoping she might decide that she really wants to make it to Thanksgiving dinner.  Who wouldn’t be born just to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and dressing?  I would.

I’m more excited this time.  Most likely because I know what being an aunt is like – I’ve had five years of experience!  I know how cool it for your niece to be so excited to see you that she literally stands on the couch, looking out the window, waiting for you to pull in the drive.  I know how sweet the hugs are, how sticky the kisses can be, how it will make me smile when I find her empty gum and candy wrappers in my purse the next day (When did she put those there?!), and how much I will love having her cuddle in my lap.

Oh, and Charlotte, Aunt Amy is really excited to meet you, but you should know that I have tickets to see West Side Story on Monday night.  Just letting you know.


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