She turns five

My niece will be five years old tomorrow! I remember that there was a life before her where things happened much like they happen now.  Our family still ate lunch together after church every Sunday and we still had cookouts, and hung out at my parents house.  What we did during those times, or what we talked about, I’m not sure.  Now we’re captivated by every word that comes out of her mouth, the funny things, and also the times she pushes her boundaries and gets a little sassy.  Cookouts involve her coercing different people to push her on the swings, we have sleepovers, and lots of hugs and kisses.  She brought about a cuddly side in my dad that I never knew existed.  In about six weeks we will be welcoming another little girl into our family, and we will begin to remember what having an infant around is like.  She will learn what it’s like to have a little sister and I will learn what it’s like to have two nieces.

Last night, she attempted to spend the night with me.  She was battling cold/allergies, but was determined to spend the night.  Unfortunately, around the 3 hour mark at my house she just couldn’t do it and told me that she really just wanted to go home – nearly crying as she confessed this.  I held her for awhile and then took her home.  According to my sister, she was asleep within 10 minutes and I’m glad.  During those three hours, played Uno, made spaghetti, had ice cream, and watched Wicked videos on YouTube.  Also, I interviewed her.  After you watch her video, you should read a post I wrote about her quite awhile ago.  You can find it here.

I hope you’re able to understand her, I attempted to repeat everything she said since she was stuffed up and also eating ice cream while I interviewed her.  (Yes, the ice cream was on purpose, I thought it would relax her and make her more willing to be recorded for a longer period of time.  I was right.)


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