It is supposedly not proper to talk about ones finances, but I really have no issue with it.  Since it’s not considered appropriate conversation, it rarely comes up.  But why not?  I understand not discussing salary – but why not talk about money?  So – I’m going to do just that.

I’m racking up a ton of student loans – even as I’m typing this, probably!  By the time I have my Bachelor’s, I anticipate having around $35,000 in student loans.  That dollar amount is one of the reasons I’m feeling uncertain about continuing to my Master’s and adding another $20,000 to that number.  $55,000 in student loans is an amount that makes me nauseous.

In 2010 I bought a car – a nice new car.  Not an expensive car, just a sensible Chevy Cobalt.  I currently owe $10,755 and I have drafted a plan to have it paid off in 20 months – which would be a full two years early.  Also, this 20 months happens to coincide with graduation – When it’s time to take on student loan payments, at least my car will be paid off – and at only four years old, hopefully it will have another 10 good years left!  (I’m not a car-trader.  I’m a car-drive-it-till-it-won’t-run-anymore’er) Should I decide to join the Master’s program, I can still start paying on my student loans.  The sooner the better, definitely…right?  That Master’s program is a decision I choose to avoid thinking about on most days.  I’m not going to decide until I have to decide…probably sometime at the end of next year.  I have a full 365+ days to avoid thinking about it.

So there you have it.  $10,755 car loan and eventually $35,000 in student loans.  Or $55,000.  Groan.



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