Dragon boat race

The big day finally came: the dragon boat race!!

Old people like to watch dragon boat racing, who knew?

My team is wearing blue shirts, and in the other boat was our local news team.  We beat them.  It was really all we wanted, since when they reported about the race on the news, they would have to admit defeat – to us.  While waiting in line for our turn to load into the boats (with the newscasters apx three feet away), we made jokes about being followed around by the paparazzi and how annoying it was.  Clever, aren’t we?

We then waited around for another hour for our next race.  I don’t know who we raced and I barely knew whether we won or not.  For some reason, the water had become incredibly agitated, either by wind or by a passing barge (we raced on the Ohio River).  All we knew is that in the race prior to our second one, a boat had overturned, spilling its occupants into the not-so-warm water.  Our boat rocked back and forth rather violently and at one point an actual wave went over our boat, filling it with water and soaking me from head to toe. All we wanted out of the second race was to get back to the dock.

Our third race was much more enjoyable as the water had either calmed, or this particular dragon boat official knew to tell us to put our paddles out flat on the water to steady the boat, which kept it from rocking back and forth as it had during the second race.  We still lost this race – but we didn’t take on water or flip.  Due to each team’s slowest time being thrown out, we finished out the day in 26th place.

Important detail: There were 26 teams.

This video is of our third and final race – I only have video of this one, because it’s the only one my family was able to attend.  My little niece is cheering me on 🙂 She had her face painted to say “Go Amy!” She’s the best.  The camera does pan to her for a moment, she’s wearing a blue shirt.  Enjoy!

(Also, today, I have a nice stop-sign-red sunburn.  The perils of being pale-skinned.) (Also, for not realizing how much I’d actually be in the sun and not under the shaded tent as I had anticipated, so I didn’t wear sunscreen.) (Oops.)


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