A whole lot of nothing

A whole lot of nothing would seemingly sum up my August 2012.  Yet, it’s far from the truth.  Being in this season of life is strangely daunting, boring, and yet full of energy.  It’s daunting because it actually does seem so boring to me.  It’s easy to become frustrated with myself because I don’t feel like I am making progress – yet I know that I am.  Strange.  I’ve finished up my first two classes at MidContinent University (and I made A’s, thankyouverymuch) and this week I started my third class.  Only 12 more to go.  Oh, and also the small matter of the extra classes I have to take that will ultimately make up my minor in Human Resources.  The school promised us at the beginning that this would go by so fast – and they aren’t wrong.  It’s going so fast, and yet the weeks seem long.

One exciting thing that happened is that I Skyped with Shoshana Bean!  If you don’t know her, watch this.  She recorded a second album this year and offered a Skype session if you’d support her on Kickstarter, which I did.  It didn’t occur to me to actually record the conversation and maybe type it up here – so I apologize.  The good news, is that Eden Espinosa – who you can watch here  (This is actually both Shoshana and Eden, Eden being on the left) is also recording an album this fall and also offered Skype as part of a reward for backing her on Kickstarter.  I learned a lot from chatting with Shoshana on what I’d like to ask and how the whole thing will go.  I’m going to attempt to record it (I’ll have to voice record and transcribe it here) and let you know what she says!  With Sho, it was more of a “chat” since I honestly couldn’t think of any questions to ask without sounding totally dorky.  I currently have a list of seven questions for Eden that don’t feel dorky 🙂 It’s only about a 10 minute session, so I may not get through all seven, it just depends on how thorough she answers.

I bought Wicked tickets for December in St. Louis! This time I’m taking Audrie – who will be five years old by December.  I’m a tiny bit worried that she’s too young to sit through a full production, but she will sit on my bed for two hours watching Wicked videos on YouTube, so I’m thinking that it can hold her attention if we watch it live.  It won’t be her first theatre experience, either.  She’s sat through a few other full productions (Blue Man Group and Annie are two of those) and she did it like a champ.  I hope she enjoys it!


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