I had my guitar fixed yesterday, which means I’m back on the fast track of being an amazing guitar player.

That is, if “fast track” means that after 2 full days I still can’t play a D chord without touching other strings, thereby rendering the D chord no longer a D chord.  I read that I shouldn’t overdo it by practicing for 2 hours a day, because I’d get blisters on my fingertips.  I actually believe that! I’ve only played about 30 minutes total over the last two days and my fingertips on my left hand are red and a tiny bit raw feeling.  Come on, calluses!!

Also, it’s 8:30PM and I’ve been in bed for an hour watching Netflix. Amazing Friday night, yeah? I don’t even feel bad about it. Well, maybe a little bad, but the Tylenol PM is starting to kick in.

Yeah, Tylenol is kicking in.  I just stared at that last sentence for a full 45 seconds.  Back to my How I Met Your Mother marathon on Netflix.


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