I had a quick weekend trip to Chicago this weekend – and we managed to squeeze in a trip-within-a-trip to Milwaukee.  I live six hours, in almost a straight line, south of Chicago.  I don’t get there often enough, i.e., it’s been almost 20 years since I was there last. Oops. Can we not pretend that me being 15 years old was almost 20 years ago?  Thanks.

I had some crazy physical ailments strike while I was there – not really crazy in and of themselves, just crazy because I’m generally the picture of perfect health.  Super bad headache on Saturday night and an upset stomach on Sunday.  Since I’m rarely sick, I’m a very wimpy sick person…although I acted tough and suffered through.

Saturday afternoon while riding the bus back from Wrigley Field, we discussed our evening plans and came up with Milwaukee.  We’d mentioned going, but never settled on it until this bus ride.  As we discussed it, the lady next to me spoke up and said we needed to go eat at this place called Oakland Gyros on the corner of Oakland and Locust.  We got back to our hotel, hopped in the car, and headed directly to Oakland Gyros.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This was the most delicious bit of food I’d ever eaten!!  I’m so thankful that this lady eavesdropped and then interrupted our conversation.  My only regret is that I didn’t get her email address so that I could report back.  We then made our way to the lakefront which I enjoyed much more than Chicago’s.  In Chicago the freeway is right there, it’s very touristy with Navy Pier nearby, a whole lot of people, and very noisy.  In Milwaukee it was a much more relaxed pace.  The place wasn’t empty by any means, but everyone was laid back and chill.  It had a larger beach area, and because it was quieter, you could hear the waves crashing – making it sound like the ocean.  I’d never been to Wisconsin, so I was able to add this state.  Bringing my total number of states to 25!!  I’m half way there 🙂

We had “authentic” Chicago deep dish pizza at Gino’s East.  Bad news, Gino’s – I prefer the chain restaurant, Old Chicago. Your pizza was okay, but their pizza is GREAT.  Normally I avoid chain restaurants whenever humanly possible, so for me to take this stand is really saying something.

To sum up: Chicago was nice for the weekend, but New York City still has my heart of hearts.  Milwaukee is a great place to eat gyros and sit by the ocean/Lake Michigan.

I might need to attempt to fit in another state this year – I feel like I’m on a roll and I hate to break my momentum…


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