You buy it you break it

Yesterday I bought a used guitar.

Today I broke the guitar.

Okay, I didn’t really break the guitar, but I did break a string.  The guitar wasn’t at all in tune and my Mac has Garageband on it, which has a tuner on it.  I was tuning one of the strings and it kept saying “turn the string tighter” and I kept thinking it was already getting pretty tight – but since I have zero knowledge with guitars, I assumed the tuner knew what it was talking about.  It did not. The string busted and at first I was pretty frustrated.  Then I realized that now I would just learn how to change a string on the guitar.  And then I’ll take it to a music store and let them tune it for me.

Also, the guitar is purple.  It’s a student guitar, which means that it’s smaller than normal – but that’s fine…I’m smaller than normal, too.  My arms reach around this one better.

Or maybe this scenario will be my solution: I’ll take it to a music store and pretend the guitar was given to me in it’s current condition (broken string and out of tune) and now I’m just trying to remedy that.  It’s weird, but I have a very difficult time admitting to strangers when I’ve done something stupid like this.  Once I bought a bike from a friend for $25 and when I took it into a bike store for something, they said “this is a terrible bike” and I replied with “It was given to me.” (I’m a very weird person)

Hopefully getting my guitar fixed and tuned won’t take too long or cost too much…and then I’ll be back on track to learning how to play!


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