No Walmart for a year!

This isn’t political, equal rights, or for any other commendable reason.  It’s simply that I hate Walmart!  Not the corporation itself, although I probably should.  I hate the simple act of fighting for a parking space, walking the long (and right now, scorching) walk into the store while insuring that I don’t get backed into by another car, trying to get a shopping cart (because those old people greeters don’t do that for you anymore. They just stand there and watch me struggle while making sure I’m not attempting to return an item, because God forbid I get past them with an item for return without getting a little pink sticker on it and walking directly directly to the returns area).  What is the opposite of “cream of the crop”? Because those are what I would call the majority of the clientele I see in Walmart.  I hate that they change the store all the time so that I never know where any item will be found.  I sometimes spend 5 or 10 minutes searching for an item, while picking up three more in the process (and I know that’s the whole plot!)

Then, last week…I made an amazing discovery.  You probably haven’t heard of this, because it’s a cutting edge website that is just beginning to gain popularity. (Or maybe it’s been around for years and I’m just now discovering how truly great it can be).

I’ve ordered from Amazon before – books, music, movies.  Did you know you can buy hair gel? And shampoo, and hair dryers, and toothpaste and toothbrushes?!!  This week I needed a new blow dryer and I decided to get it from Amazon.  I have Amazon Prime from when I bought my Kindle, so shipping was free.  Then yesterday I ordered hair gel.  It came in a three pack and cost about $.40 more than it would have at Walmart – but I didn’t have to go to Walmart!!!

I can buy my groceries from Kroger or the organic market, my other items from Amazon, and my life may be spared from Walmart forever!!!

I’m going to attempt to avoid Walmart for as long as I can.  I say “a year” just because it has a nice catchy ring to it.  But maybe, just maybe, I can ween myself from Walmart forever.



What do you think?

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