Quiet Time

I received my passport in the mail and pretty much nothing else interesting has happened in my life!

It’s only a temporary quiet time.  I’ve been wrapping up my first class this semester – it flies by when each class is only five weeks long.  It ends with a research paper, so that has been consuming my days.  (By consume I mean, I’ve had a lot of tabs open on my computer related to the paper – but mostly I’ve been wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.) I do have a rough draft version of the rough draft written, so that’s something.

(Also, on my bed right now is all of my research paper paraphernalia and I’m sitting in the dining room writing this.) (If anybody asks, I’ve worked on my paper all day.)

Three weeks from today – right about this exact moment – I’ll be arriving in Chicago.  Me and two friends are taking the train up for a couple of days.  It’s something we’ve said that we wanted to do “someday” and so we’re finally making it happen.  We live about an hour from the Amtrak station, and from there it’s a six hour train ride into Chicago.  Not bad, really!  I think we’ll do this more often…

In the mean time, anybody have any suggestions on how to spend 48 hours in Chicago?  My official stance is that I’ve never been, although that isn’t true.  Right after I moved to Kentucky our church youth group went to Chicago – but I barely remember anything except the elevator ride up the Sears Tower.  It was fast.


What do you think?

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