Life is Tough in a Small Town

It seems that taking guitar lessons in my Small Town on a Saturday is so unheard of that nobody offers it.  Also, nobody stays up past 8PM so the last lesson offered during the week starts at 6PM.  (Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic about the 8PM bedtime, but everything is totally true.) (People go to bed at 9:30PM) (At least I do.) (I’m the oldest 34 year old I know.)


I already work full time and go to school full time and my employer is fantastic about working around my school schedule that I feel I would be taking advantage of their generosity by asking them to also work around guitar lessons.  I don’t think that “I can’t close on Mondays because I have guitar lessons” has the same ring as “I can’t close on Thursdays because I’m going to school for my Bachelor degree.”

See the difference?

I’ll have to stick a pin in guitar lessons for the time being.  I’ll keep an eye/ear out for any changes.  I was told by one of the music stores that they’re going to soon change owners and as a result, could end up offering weekend lessons – so there’s that.

Or, when I graduate and move to Nashville…something tells me I’ll find plenty of guitar-lesson-givers there. (Teachers?) (lesson-givers sounds more smart, I’ll stick with it)

See ya next time blogger-friends.  As long as I don’t melt.  Thursday and Friday are meant to be 106 and 105 degrees respectively.  I do not live in Arizona, I live in the south where it’s humid.  You know, “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity”

Except this time it’s the heat, too.



What do you think?

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