One class down – 20 months to go.

Last week was my first actual class with Mid-Continent University.  The way this school runs things is pretty unique, I think.  My classes are in a church, first of all.  They have a main campus about 20 minutes from where I live, but it’s very small – only daytime students actually go to school there.  The alternative students (which was a bad thing in high school, now it just means that I’m an adult going back to school) have classes in churches/meeting halls/public schools scattered throughout the state.  I have about 15 students in my class and we’ll never have to go anywhere else for class.  We’ll all be together for the next 20 months in the same classroom with only our instructors rotating in for each 5 week class.  Oh yeah, and each class is only 5 weeks long.  From the syllabus I have for my first five classes, there don’t seem to be any tests.

No tests?  That’s right! Each class will require a 1500 word research paper – which means I’ll be writing one roughly every single month…but no tests!!! 

This is how my mind works – I look at the syllabus and wonder “How badly can I screw this up and still pass?” For my first class it turns out – even if I don’t do the research paper, but do everything else, I’ll get a B in the class.  That means that at least attempting the research paper should guarantee me an A.  That’s my kind of school.

During orientation and even our first instructor keeps telling us that we’ll be stunned at how quick the next 20 months goes by.  I’m sure they’re right…but looking at it ahead, it feels like a very long time.  At the end of the 20 months I plan on moving to a bigger city – though I’m not sure which one.  I’ll tell you a secret, dear blog-readers, someday I’d like to live in New York.  It feels like such a huge goal that I don’t dare say the words out loud.  It’s part of my 10 year plan.  My five year plan is to move first to a big city closer to where I currently live.  Those would include: Nashville, St Louis, or Memphis.  Each of those is less than 3 hours away.  From there gain experience in a new field, then…maybe, just maybe, New York.  Maybe.


What do you think?

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