Zip Adventure

Another item on my “bucket list” was crossed off today!

I went zip lining! (This is not me, just a picture from Yahoo images)








It was a fun experience and I even walked away a tiny bit injured.  I don’t consider it an adventure unless I walk away injured in some fashion.  Injury means that I pushed myself past a comfortable state.  There are three lines that you land on the ground – You’re to hit the ground running as you stop.  Twice I succeeded.  The time I didn’t succeed was during the second ground landing.  I hit the ground running, but I think one foot landed before the other and I stumbled, twisted myself backwards onto my bum and slid about 6 feet – on my bum – to a complete stop. I know how far I slid because after I got up, the guide said “Look, you made a mark in the dirt!”  I now have a fancy bum-bruise and a scraped up knee.  It was great!

In celebration of two bucket list items in one week – I’m taking my niece to see Madagascar 3 and then we’re going to eat at a Hibachi restaurant.  Yummm…



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