New York City

Is anyone else like me? I go on a whirlwind vacation, get home – and I need several days/weeks to sort through everything that happened in order to properly tell about it.  For the people around me, it can be frustrating – they want to hear about it immediately – when in reality, they’ll slowly hear about it over the next several weeks or months.  Such was the case with this blog post – it’s only a highlight of my trip.

I left for New York on Saturday morning at 6AM.  I was terribly worried about missing my flight and around 4AM I started getting calls and text messages from people making sure I was awake…I thought that was incredibly nice.  I arrived at the airport an hour before my flight – which turned out to be unnecessary.  I flew out of Paducah, which is a tiny airport that only flies one place – Chicago.  It took me all of 30 seconds to check in and I sat around for about 30 minutes before being allowed to go through security (which took about 2 minutes).  Our little one-gate airport also has little planes…the plane I flew to Chicago on seats about 35 people.  Tiny airport, tiny planes, 10 minutes from my house.  I’ll take it.

Uneventful flights from Paducah to Chicago to New York City.  New York! This time, I stayed in Queens which at first seemed a bit daunting, by the end I really loved the neighborhood.  I had established a routine: Walk two blocks, grab coffee at Espresso 77 (totally awesome guys there! Gave me free coffee on my last day), walk a couple blocks more to the train.  Drink my coffee on my way into the city, finish it up just in time to get off the train.  

What to do in the city?  Seems like that would be an easy answer, but it wasn’t.  I’d researched and researched and tried to make plans – and I didn’t seem to be able to really nail anything down.  So I showed up with almost no plans.  I had tickets to Sleep No More, Ellis Island, and I knew I was going to see a show on Wednesday.  Beyond that – I had no idea!  In a way I was very happy with the no-plan plan.  It meant time to wander, think, see what I see, and just let the week unfold before me.  

Sleep No More is an amazing theatre experience that allows you to wander through 6 floors of scenes, follow actors, go through their things, steal candy, accidentally end up in the middle of a scene unfolding around you.  Fantastic experience.  I ended up finding a metaphor for life out of it: While things in life might be offered to you, sometimes it’s subtle and you have to reach out and take it or the chance might pass you by.  

Chelsea Market – Oh, how I fell in love with this market!!  I ultimately went three times over my six days in New York.  

High Line – This is around Chelsea Market and it’s former railroad tracks 3 stories above the streets turned into a beautiful garden path.  It extends for several blocks, though I didn’t walk the entire path.  It was amazing how the city could be busy beneath you and yet you feel like you’re far from everything.  At one point I sat here with my eyes closed just enjoying the peaceful environment while my friends ate ice cream lol

Shake Shack – YUM! This place had been recommended to me and I stumbled upon it on Wednesday in Midtown.  I came around the corner and there it was!! I went in, ordered my food and sat down to read.  I came upon it a couple of hours later and customers were lined up around the block!!  I was extremely lucky to have gotten there early, I just didn’t know it at the time.  

Indian Buffet – I’d never had Indian food before, so we hit up a buffet in Queens.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was extremely surprised at how delicious the food was…I even ate goat!  What’s more, I liked the goat.  

How to Succeed in Business – I knew on Wednesday I wanted to see a show, it was the entire reason I didn’t schedule myself to leave until Thursday.  So on Wednesday morning I made my way to the TKTS booth in Time Square hoping to get tickets to Once.  By the time I got to the booth, they only had blocked view and I wasn’t sure about that, so I went with How to Succeed.  I knew this show would be closing at the end of the week – so if I couldn’t see Once, I wanted to see something I wouldn’t have the chance to see again.  I ended up with Eighth row CENTER seats.  Unbelievable.  I’m sure seeing this alone helped me with my crazy awesome seat.  It was such. a. great. show.!!  

Of all the cool things I did though, the very best part was the people I got to meet.  I didn’t know the girl I stayed with (friend of a friend, hi Nicole!!) but we ended up being great friends at the end of the six days.  While I do want to go back and visit her someday, travel-bug has hit and I want to go somewhere international next.  Anybody got a couch for me to stay on? 


2 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Nicole says:

    I do! I have a couch!

  2. Amy Smllwd says:

    Don’t offer it if you’re not serious, Nicole!! I accept couch invitations =)

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