Losing Myself

Two weeks from today I’ll be in New York City! I’m looking forward to it for several reasons.

  • I’ll be on vacation, duh.
  • 9 days off work
  • I’ll be in New York City
  • In nyc people ignore each other
  • I’m looking forward to being ignored
  • I need answers and I hope to come home with clarity on a few things.

I’ll be on vacation for nine days.  It’s been seven months since I took any time off work – I forgot to request holiday time off last year, which meant my last vacation was in October.  After that, I like to get through winter before taking time off again.  Over the next eight months, I have three separate weeks scheduled.

I’ll be in New York City.  My favorite city, ever.  I love that there are so many people, that people ignore each other, and that it doesn’t matter if they ignore me or not, nobody knows me there.  I’ll be alone at least half the time, which means lots of time to reflect and consider my next moves in life.  And yet, I don’t want to think about anything at all…I just want several days to empty my mind.  Maybe when I come back home I’ll realize which direction I need to go.

Any big life changes I’ve ever realized needed to be made, came while on vacation.  I expect this time to be no different.  Stay tuned…




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