My advisor says I’ve completed everything I need in order to have my degree this semester and best I can tell, she’s right. Yet – I won’t be satisfied until I get my letter of acceptance from the Records office.  They mailed them out yesterday. I had hoped by some small-town miracle that I might get mine today…but I believe the mail has already come today and there was no letter.  Today I ran into my advisor from Mid-Continent University, which is the school I plan to obtain my Bachelor’s from (and perhaps a Master’s) and she let me know that my semester will start June 4.  It’s an 18 month program which means I’ll have a Bachelor’s degree by next December!!!  It’s taken 14 years to get an Associates, so 18 months seems like nothing.  Continuing with a Master’s is a decision I will make after I’m at least halfway through the program.  That would be an additional 24 months…I’d probably take some time off in between and see what kind of job I could get.  I’d love to move to a larger city – Nashville, Tn would be ideal.  It’s an easy 2 hour drive from where I currently live, so I’d be close to my family, but also in a place with far more job opportunities.  I’m almost 2 years away from having to make that decision…so I’ll just put that on a back burner for now.

It’s one month 24 days until my vacation!!!

I’m still working out with kettle bells, I haven’t really lost any weight.  Then again, I think I upped my calorie intake at the same time I started working out.  So I’m kicking into gear – by the start of my vacation on May 12, I want to be another 10 lbs down.  I’ve also been attending a financial budgeting class that my work is offering and I had to give my spending habits a good hard look.  Over a three month period I spent $500 on eating out.  Not only is that financial madness, that’s dietary madness.  So, until my vacation I will only be giving myself $20 a week for spending money.  This will force me to cook at home, which in turns, guarantees that I eat healthier.  I’m a firm believer that anything cooked fresh at home is healthier than it’s counterpart at a fast food restaurant.  For example – I made tacos and rice this weekend.  Those are automatically healthier than Taco Bell, and probably cheaper in the long run.  Cost me about $10 total and they lasted for four meals.

Recap: I have my body on a diet, I have my money on a diet, and when I go on vacation I’m going to gain back all the weight I lost and spend all the money I saved.



2 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. Liz Gossom says:

    recap made me LOL!

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