It’s interesting to me that when I don’t write the visits to my blog increases.

I didn’t intend on neglecting this space. I suppose I’ve had a bit of writer’s block…or it’s more likely that things in my life are at what seems to be a standstill, and yet not.  It feels like a standstill because over the last three weeks, nothing has changed. I’m still going to the gym, though I’ve not lost weight (but seem to be getting thinner, so I suppose it’s working), and I’m still going to school.  I did finish up Biology last week – rounded it out only 2 points from having an A.  Now all that stands in between me and an Associate degree is eight more weeks of Geography.  I think I’ve got this.

It doesn’t feel real yet.  I’ve been working on this degree for a very long time and there are only eight weeks left to attaining it.  I applied for my degree as soon as this semester started and was told I would receive an acceptance letter in the mail “sometime in March.” So, naturally, every single day I check the mail.

Sometimes twice, if it was empty the first time.

I’m also nine weeks from going on vacation to New York City for six days, which also seems unreal. Unreal to the point that I’m having a difficult time planning things. I’ve fake-planned a vacation there so many times that I feel like I’m still fake-planning. I did the most important thing though, which was buy a plane ticket.  So if I have nothing else planned – I at least have my ride worked out. On one hand, I’m completely fine having nothing planned.  Wandering around the city with coffee in hand sounds fabulous.  On the other hand, I have this fear that I’ll come back home and realize I was one block away from a/an _______ I’d love to meet.  (Insert author, singer, songwriter, actor…)

I imagine that it’s going to be a low-key vacation.  Lots of coffee drinking, cupcake eating, bookshop wandering, people-watching fun sprinkled with some theatre, topped with tons of walking.

I think I just summed up what I want out of life in that one sentence.




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