Today is the second day after my first kettle bell class and man o’ man, I can feel the burn!!  Despite that, I attended a kettle bell workshop this morning.

(I don’t know if kettle bell is meant to be one word or two, but it autocorrects to two words, so I’m going with that) 

I fully intended to stay for the class that followed the workshop, but the workshop felt quite a lot like a workout – so I didn’t stick around. We worked on proper form for swings, clean press, and (what’s the name of it…where you put the bell straight up and lock your arm?) Anyway, those three things and also dropping the kettle bell after having it up and locked.  It was sort of a karate kid moment, we did the moves over and over without a kettle bell in order to learn the motion.  At one point we stood up against a wall to practice dropping the kettle bell to keep us from going too far out.  If our hand hit the wall – we did it wrong.  After we’d practice it sans kettle bell, we would do it several times with the weight.  He also went over proper push-up form.  Surprisingly my form on those is pretty spot on, and I can do pushups quite a bit easier than some in my class.  He has us do those in sets of five and I generally don’t have any issues with them – Except my first five this morning due to my arms being so sore! I was shocked that after I pushed myself through the first five, the others that we did came a whole lot easier. I’d say that just during this workshop we did about 30 pushups over the course of the hour.

The thing I’m really struggling with is the clean press. He keeps saying to get the power from my legs and gluts, but I can’t figure out how to make that translate into giving power to my arm. He says that I’m “muscling it up” instead of letting my legs and gluts do the work.  I seem to be able to make it happen with the swing, but not the clean press. Also, I’m bringing my arm out too far instead of bringing it across my body. So I’ll be practicing that move at home in preparation for the next class.

Today I can feel the workout in my back legs, gluts, abs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.  Basically – everywhere below my head.

My first class I wore gloves to protect my wrists and I was the only one wearing gloves. Today I went without gloves and certainly saw the need for them! I think that might actually be affecting my clean press.  It doesn’t feel too good when you swing your arm up and the bell hits your wrist. I might have been subconsciously trying to keep that from happening, therefore it affected my movements. If gloves help me to give 110%, then gloves I will wear.  Tomorrow, I’m likely to have bruised wrists 😦


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