Discarded Clothing

While I wait for my lunch to cook, I thought I’d sit down and blog a bit!

Two of the four days of this week I’ve worn clothing that was barely hanging on my body. I didn’t mean to do this – they were items that I previously wore without issue.  Apparently in the last week my body has made some big changes and some of my clothes just don’t fit any longer. So today when I was getting dressed for work I decided to wander into my second bedroom – where my discarded clothes are.  I found a nice folded stack of skirts and picked one to try on.  I was pleasantly surprised ecstatic to see that it fit!!  Below the skirt was the shirt I normally wore with it – and it fit too!!  I was thrilled to have “new” clothes to wear into work today.

I’m going to be making another change to my workout soon. Last summer I tried Zumba for about 6 weeks and then stopped. In November I joined a 24 hour/No contract gym and have been going there pretty consistently. I found that I really enjoy weight training as opposed to straight up cardio – like Zumba or running.  A few weeks ago, I realized that one of my customers has a Kettle bell club, and I started talking to him about it. I’m pretty close to making that switch – kettle bells are so intense that you only have to go 2-3 times a week. This is very good news since I work full-time and attend school part-time. I really have little time to fit in workouts every day at this point in my life.  I look forward to May, when I’ll be done with community college and will get my bachelors by attending school one night a week, one class at a time. I’m sure it’ll be tough, because you still get your bachelor’s in 18 months, but at least I’ll only have to be in class one night.

I’m digressing.

Point is – I’m losing inches big time by weight training, I am excited to switch to kettle bells, getting my butt kicked, and getting into excellent shape!!



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