MacBook Pro

I have upgraded my life.  I have a MacBook Pro. I don’t really know how to use this MacBook Pro.

Everyone says I will love it, and I know that I will – but first, I have to relearn everything I knew about computers. My experience at the Apple Store was top notch. My own employer is committed to customer service, so I notice customer service, and this was the best I’d ever received. Lily greeted me when I walked in and never left my side – and once we made our way to the MacBooks I never had to take another step anywhere and neither did she. We discussed the options, she found a discount for me, she texted someone to bring the MacBook to us, she processed the transaction standing there, and then she helped me set everything up on it.  I wanted to ask her for her personal phone number so that we could be best friends forever. I resisted, however I can promise that due to that experience, I’m converted to Apple for as long as they keep this level of customer service.

Having only had it for 12 hours – this is what I like so far: My keyboard lights up, it has a webcam (Can you believe I’ve never had one?!), the charger is a magnet, and that’s it so far. Over the next few days I am looking forward to setting up iTunes, playing with iPhoto, iMovie, using Skype for the first time (anybody want to Skype?), and finding out what else this amazing MacBook can accomplish.

Anybody have any tips for a brand new Mac user?


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