New York City

It’s official – in May I will be in New York City for six days!

Don’t worry, New Yorkers – I’ll do my best not to be an annoying tourist.  I’ll treat the sidewalk as I would a street – if I want to stop, I will step to the side first.  Of all the “annoying tourist habits” that I’ve tried to find, that one seems to be number one on the list. I know you’re busy and have places to be.

Someday I want to take a trip to New York with the sole purpose of enjoying theatre.  That will not be this trip, although I do hope to fit in at least a couple of shows.

There are a few things I’ve gotten out of the way on a previous trip: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Grant’s Tomb, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. John’s Cathedral, and the Met, just to name a few.  The one thing that I want to add to my agenda this time is Ellis Island.  Visiting Ellis Island is about the only other thing in New York that I feel like I need to visit.  I’d like to see the New York Stock Exchange, but if I don’t – I won’t feel bad about it.

I am also looking forward to eating! Best pizza, best burger, best bakery, best cup of coffee…just load me down!!

So really, this trip comes down to three things: Theatre, Ellis Island, and Food.

Any annoying tourist tips, theatre tips, or food tips?  Please comment!!

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