13 Bruises

Sunday night – 9PM

It was an unseasonably warm and windy January night.  All day long weather media had been forecasting unstable weather, and it seemed to be approaching.  Having just been to the grocery and splurging on chocolate milk, I stepped out on my front porch being careful to keep my front door open so that I didn’t lock myself out of the house (at my house a closed front door is a locked front door, unfortunately).  I sat in a chair with my feet propped in the other chair enjoying the chocolate milk, warm weather, intense wind, and occasional thunder.  Suddenly the wind had a much colder bite and I knew the storm would arrive within minutes, so I stood up and walked to my door.  The door was shut.  I stood there staring at the door and wiggled the doorknob in case that might change my situation.  It didn’t.  Thankfully I had my trusty iPhone with me, so I called my mom.  My options began to unfold before me – spend the night at my mom’s house or sleep on my front porch.  I accepted my fate with great reluctance since sleeping on the porch was simply not an option.  While waiting on my mom I wandered into my backyard to watch the clouds move quickly along with the wind and I caught a glimpse of my kitchen window.

My open kitchen window.  OPEN!

I removed the screen and pushed the window up all the way.  It’s a small window, but I was pretty sure I could fit if I could just get up there.  At only 5′ tall I was going to need a chair.  I brought back a chair from my front porch, stood on the arm rests and hoisted myself up.  And the chair fell over, leaving me dangling by my stomach muscles.  I dropped to the ground and decided to wait until my mom arrived.  By the time she’d gotten there it had started raining, but I was too happy about my kitchen window to care.  She held the chair and I gracefully climbed in.

This is how I gained 13 bruises.  Three on my shin, nine on my thigh, and one on my arm.

Worth it.


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