Eat Your Vegetables!

I am not a vegetable eater.  That makes “getting fit” difficult because they all say “eat your vegetables”.

As of last week, I’m officially 34 years old, so I need to suck it up and learn to eat my vegetables.

I decided to start with broccoli.  On Saturday I bought some without any idea of how I was going to cook it.  I remembered that somewhere in a dark corner of a kitchen cabinet I had a steamer that goes inside a pot.  So I pulled it out, dusted it off (literally!) and set to cooking.  Turns out, steaming broccoli is the ultimate fast food because it only takes about 3-4 minutes.  I sliced up some Velveeta cheese and let it melt all over the broccoli and ate it.  All of it.  It covered half of my regular size plate, so I didn’t skimp on the portion of broccoli.  I wouldn’t say I liked it, but I ate it all without giving myself a stern talk or sending myself to my room.  I had some yesterday and I just ate some for lunch today.  I’m determined to eat broccoli with at least one meal a day for an entire week.

I will say this – today I quite enjoyed the smell of the broccoli.  It smelled so fresh when I opened the lid!  Hopefully that’s the first step to loving broccoli.

Each week I will focus on a different vegetable – learn how to prepare it in a way that tastes good and also retains the most nutrients.  Also giving myself an entire week to acquire a taste if that’s what I need.  Next week will either be green beans or asparagus – both of which I will probably steam as well.

What are your favorite vegetables?



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