I’m a Zero Threat

I came so close to crossing off a bucket list item today.

A couple of semesters ago I took Theatre 101 to fulfill an elective credit – I figured it’d be easy and I love going to the theatre, so why not?  I didn’t expect to be challenged the way I was – To be taken so far out of my comfort zone the way that it happened in that class.  It was the only class that I’ve ever gotten close enough to people to be friends with them. I’m not the best with social skills in places like school – I’m the one who sits in the corner and simply does my work.  Not in this class.  This class forced us out of ourselves and although I’m a terrible actor – I loved that feeling of having to step outside of myself and go beyond what feels comfortable.

After that class ended, I resolved that if I were ever presented with the opportunity to take an acting class of any kind, that I would seize the chance.  This week our local theatre posted on Facebook that they were offering adult acting classes – 4 sessions for $40.  I excitedly called them up only to be told they’d canceled the classes and maybe eventually they would offer it again.

I hope they do! It’s not that I want to be an actor – I’m terrible, nobody would hire me in a million years and believe me when I say that nobody wants to hear me sing.  You’ve heard of triple threats?  I’m a zero threat.  But theatre class was just so amazing that I want to stretch myself like that again.  It was such a bizarre feeling to stand in front of my classmates and be told to take on another personality.  Bizarre and yet…totally awesome.

So “acting class” goes back onto my list…hopefully to be crossed off sooner rather than later.


What do you think?

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