Getting Closer

By process of elimination, I’m slowly choosing a university.

By “process of elimination” I mean – some colleges just don’t reply to me and if they do, it’s not helpful.

For instance – I emailed an in-state college 3 hours from me and asked for information on a certain online program. I told him where I lived. His reply? “Next time you’re on campus, swing by my office and we’ll talk.” Er, I live 3 hours away. I haven’t been to your campus in 7 years. It isn’t likely to happen again soon. Western Kentucky University.

I’ve checked out another University that is 45 minutes away from me – even though I’m not completely certain what degree I want to pursue, it seems they don’t have anything that would be possible while I work full-time during the day. Plus, they don’t reply to emails.  Murray State University.

There is one university remaining that is only 20 minutes from me.  I’ve emailed them and I’m waiting on a response.  They have a program that would get me a Bachelor degree in 18 months by going in the evenings. Sounds good…we’ll see if they eliminate themselves.


The third college is still in the running and has moved up to 1st place.  I’ve received multiple emails from them, a phone call, and grant recommendations to help with tuition.  Way to go, college!  Now just to file my income taxes to properly apply for aid, and to apply and be accepted.  No biggies. :-/


What do you think?

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