When I Grow Up

The year that lies ahead is feeling very much like my Senior year of high school.  Graduation looms ahead, the thoughts of “what college do I attend next?” and “What will I do for a job?” are ever present.  My Senior year it was easier – I was just 18, living at home with no bills, working at the newspaper as a telemarketer, and I knew that I would attend community college. 

This time around – I’m 33. I live on my own with plenty of bills – and I don’t know what college to attend next. I’m not even certain what career I want to pursue!  I’ve changed my mind so many times – but it’s crunch time.  On Monday, I will turn in the application for a degree and will soon fill out my FAFSA.  That FAFSA is going to have one stubborn question on it.  “What college will you attend in 2012-2013?”

I don’t know, FAFSA.  I don’t know.

The things I do know – in May I’ll have my Associates degree which has been in the making since 1996.  The week after graduation I’m gifting myself a vacation to New York City.  After that…I don’t know. Will I be able to find a higher paying job with an Associate degree? Will I need to get a job to work around a university schedule, or will the school schedule still fit around me?

I’m very much looking forward to the trip to NYC, I’m guessing it’ll be a good time to “find myself” since I’ll be there almost alone. I’m staying with the friend of a friend in Queens (never been to Queens!) and will be alone during the day.  Any big life changes I’ve ever made have come just after a vacation.  Something about the plane ride? Maybe the altitude clears my head. 

If anything, that vacation will give me some great blog topics – I have no doubt!

It’s a strange feeling to have been working towards this goal of graduation for the last two years solid, and now that it’s here…I almost don’t know what to do with it.


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