Reality For Real

This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped – to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real…The Real World.

Way back in January 1993 a very short teenage girl with blonde hair and a valley accent was transplanted from central Florida to western Kentucky.  What she found upon arrival was farm boys with funny accents, cold weather, and The Real World.

From what I remember – each new episode would repeat the following day at 3PM.  I just happened to get home from school at 2:50PM, just enough time to toss my books, grab a snack, and settle in for a new episode.  These were the days of one TV in the house and no internet – I had to catch shows whenever I could.  I started watching during the second season which took place in Los Angeles. 

Without letting myself read up on this season – this is what I remember: The guy with the cowboy hat was from Kentucky and he’s Jon (It seemed everyone in Kentucky wore a cowboy hat! Thankfully that trend has passed for the most part) The guy in the white hat (David?) was kicked off the show for fighting with one of the girls (did he slap her while she sat in the front seat of a car?) The girl in the lower right was engaged and had her wedding during the show and moved out of the house.  I remember wondering why she didn’t complete the show first and then get married?  That’s about the extent of what I remember without cheating.  But I remember it was good tv.

This is back when reality TV was really real.  Back when most of us (or at least in central Florida or western Kentucky) didn’t know anybody who was gay, and it certainly wasn’t something we saw on TV.  The first season had Pedro who was not only homosexual, but had AIDS – of which he unfortunately passed away.  This was real stuff and I miss the innocence of it. 

I don’t really watch any reality TV these days – mainly because I don’t have cable, therefore don’t happen to stumble upon any of it.  Any television I watch comes from puposely watching it online.  I’ll leave you with one more show that – though short lived – held my attention like the Kardashian’s have with so many today…

Growing up Gotti. Yes, I’m serious – looovveedd this show.  I was kind of afraid if I didn’t love it, they would just come and pick me off.  I mean, they are the Gotti’s after all.  Guilty pleasure at it’s finest.




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