Italian Chicken Soup

This week, I took another shot at making this soup.  I first made it about a month ago and I thought it was only okay, but I’d make some adjustments due to not having a couple of the exact ingredients.  This time I had everything…and it was 100% better!  It’s a hearty and yet light soup, and it makes a lot!  I live alone, so I halved the recipe – ate two bowls that night, saved some for 3 days worth of lunch and gave the other half to my mom.  I don’t even own a pot big enough to make a whole recipe.  This time I only left out the tomatoes because I just don’t like them.  Bleh.  It’s not a quick soup to make, and it does use a lot of pans…but when I’m 3 days out eating my homemade soup instead of fast food – I’m happy that I made the effort. 

This picture isn’t my picture of the soup, but it is what my soup looked like.  Shout out Pioneer Woman!

Tell me this bowl of soup doesn’t make you want to curl up on the couch with a good movie while it snows?  I can’t wait to make it again –  just might keep all of it for myself this time.


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