How bad do you want it?

If you’ve drifted over here from Felicia Ricci’s blog – Hello, fellow FR fan! If you came some other way – then you should totally (totes?) buy Felicia’s book Unnaturally Green, because it’s great. 

In other news:

Today I will, will finish this Couch to 5k day that I’ve allowed myself to get hung up on.  I genuinely think that if I will push myself, I can finish it.  It’s going to hurt, I’ll be hot and sweaty, it won’t be fun – but I’m going to finish.

One 3 minute run, two 4 minute runs, one 3 minute run. 

The furthest I’ve gotten is running 2 minutes of the second 4 minute run.  Last time I didn’t even push myself to start the second 4 minute run.  This cannot continue, I must finish it.  I have to learn how to push myself when it’s hard, because I’ve been quite lazy on the “pushing myself” end of things.  What will I ever accomplish if I show up and only offer a mediocre effort?  I might as well stay home. 

This is a video that someone posted on Twitter not too long ago and I’m going to remember it while I’m running tonight.  How bad do I want it?? 


I did it!  I finished.  After the second 4 minute run I seriously considered not attempting the last 3 minute run…but I thought about this blog post.  How I have to push myself – so I ran it.  My legs felt very much like jello when I stepped off the treadmill.  I could feel the sweat rolling from my hairline, down my neck, and down my back.  I got my heart rate up to 164, which is pretty good cardio (I think?) I didn’t do any weights tonight, I’ll go back tomorrow night and only do weights.  Felt good to sweat and it feels great to have completed it! 


What do you think?

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