Recently I was asked “Why are you going to the gym?” It wasn’t said as a question, but rather “Why are you going to the gym?

See the difference? 

It’s still a good question, no matter what the question is truly intended to mean.

Why am I going to the gym?

Why am I going to the gym?

Because I want to get into shape.  I see obesity all around me and I don’t want that to be me.  Because I want to lose weight.  Because I want to do it the right way. 

I didn’t want to go to the gym today…so I left my house at 6:30AM and headed for the gym.  I needed to get it out of the way while “I don’t want to” was my only excuse.  Once my day started – with all of the errands that come with it…it would be easy to say “I’ll do it this evening.” and then of course, what happens this evening?  Friends call you to go out…or you fall asleep because you ran too many errands today…life happens.  But now, life can happen and I can be happy with myself that I choose going to the gym today.

I read once that being fit isn’t a life long goal.  It’s a daily decision. 

However – I find I’m not really pushing myself at the gym.  It’s easy for me to stop when I’m tired or hurting.  I’m never sore the next day – so I know I’m not pushing myself too far already.  Especially where running is concerned.  Running just sucks as far as I’m concerned…but it’s a good way to get my heart rate up.  According to couch to 5k, today I should have run one 3 minute walk, two 4 minute walks, one 3 minute walk.  I only ran a 3 minute and the 4 minute.  Last time I managed to make it half-way through the second 4 minute walk before I bailed.  Today I just didn’t feel like pushing myself.

How do I overcome that?  How do you overcome that?  I need to learn how to continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone.


What do you think?

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