Just Standing Around…

My daily gym story:

Since I’ve only been a member at my gym for 6 days, I’m still figuring out the best time to go.  I think I’m finding that around 7:30PM the place pretty well clears out and I’d have it to myself.  Perfect!

Last night I was there around 6:30PM and it was fairly packed.  Everyone was minding their own business and then I saw something.  Something that made me keep looking.  I tried not to stare and I did get caught a couple of times staring, but I just couldn’t help it.  There was a man working out – weights, sit-ups, cardio, treadmill, he was just going from item to item just like everyone else was…but he had a follower.  It seemed his wife (Who, if I may be a tiny bit judgy, was on the overweight side of things) would follow him from machine to machine and just lean against it and watch him work out.  One time she was taking pictures of him with her iPhone, but most of the time she just leaned up against the machine and watched him exercise.  It was the strangest thing.  I tried to imagine scenarios in my mind that might excuse this behavior, but I couldn’t think of any.  I’ve still been trying to figure it out today.

Not that it matters.  If he’s okay with her following him from machine to machine and watching him work out – then I’m okay with it.  But…why?  Why doesn’t she grab a weight or hop on the treadmill?  Why lady, why?

It really doesn’t matter.  And I don’t have to know.  But I need to know.

I’ll get over this…eventually.  Maybe.  But why, lady?

P.S. It’s Friday and 9 days until Christmas.  I’ve purchased one gift.  I also opened that gift which was a movie and watched it first.  Faux Pas?  Most likely definitely a faux pas.  What’s done is done and no regrets 🙂


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