10 Pounds?!

This morning I went for my free personal training session.

At 8:30AM. On my day off. On a Monday.

When I made the appointment on Saturday, I certainly overestimated my Monday morning enthusiasm!

Off I went though – made it there and my trainer was waiting – with much more enthusiasm than I was. 😉

Started with 12 minutes on the treadmill – stress test style.  He got my heart rate up to 160, which is higher than I think he expected it to go, but my heart rate is a bit high anyway – so I wasn’t so shocked that it was higher than expected.  I have a hard time with my shin muscles hurting when I run.  Actually, hurting is putting it mildly – they feel like they will explode.  He gave me some stretching tips that will help.

I’m 35% body fat. Moving on.

He put a mat on the floor for me to do a sit up…which I felt very confidant about until I couldn’t do one single sit up.  Whoops.

We did a bunch of upper body weightlifting – which was fun for about five seconds and then it become hard.  Really hard.

Here’s the kicker – He gave me a plan to follow for two weeks, told me things to add to my diet, to eat three meals a day and two snacks – and when he weighs me again in two weeks, he wants me to be 10 lbs less.  I’m filled with doubt over the ability to lose 10 lbs in two weeks.  He swears that if I’ll eat right and more importantly – stick to the work out – I’ll lose 10 lbs.  In two weeks.

He knows I’m working towards running a 5k in February and said that he would run it with me.  The pressure is on. 

So – here’s to losing 10 lbs in two weeks.  And to taking the next step of making sure this is never me:

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