Stop and Go


Good morning, dear blog.

I haven’t forgotten you dear readers, I promise.  I’ve even ran a couple of times (or once?) since I last posted.  We had torrential rain last week and although I should have sucked it up and ran in the rain…I didn’t.

I’ve been counting my calories – eating only 1200 calories a day, and I quickly lost 5 pounds.  Then a weird body ailment appeared and I suspected it had something to do with not eating enough, so I stopped counting and the ailment corrected itself.  So today I begin again, except I’m eating 1600 calories a day.  And joining a gym.


Yes.  I’m joining a gym.  But not a commitment gym.  I’m joining Snap Fitness.

**I was distracted after I typed that last sentence, so here I am 6 hours later finishing up**

I joined the gym!  I picked a gym on the other side of town from where I live and work so that my chances of being recognized by a customer would be greatly diminished.  I walked in this afternoon and the very first person I see says “Hey, don’t you work at the bank?” Ohmygoodness, I didn’t know him at all.  Celebrity would not be for me.  You’d think we only have one bank in town, instead of somewhere around 30 banks.  Thankfully he didn’t want to talk to me about banking, since that is why I stopped going to my other gym.  Every time I went somebody wanted to ask me about their account.  While I was on the treadmill.  I just wanted to work out unnoticed.  Today I kept my phone with me with headphones in my ears – here’s a secret – I wasn’t listening to anything. Don’t tell anyone.

Working out always feels so good.  Even if I accomplish nothing else, I know that I did that.  I did my 5k training on the treadmill (It equaled out to a mile), lifted some weights (10 pounders…yep, that’s right.) Did this weird step walker thing…I didn’t do it for long, I couldn’t figure out what my goal should be for it.  Then they had a stationary bike that is actually a game!  I’m sure this has been around for years and I’m totally late to the party – but it has a TV screen that lets me actually compete in cartoon races lol I loved it!  I did a mile on that (I came in last place)…I think that’s all today.  On Monday morning I have an appointment for my one free personal training session, so I’m hoping they’ll be able to help me know where to start and what kind of reps I should be doing.

My goal is to get to an ideal weight and be fit.  I’ve been thin, but I’ve never been “in shape”.  It’ll be nice!



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