Day Five: Lesson

I didn’t complete my run today.

I got home from work at 12:30 and ate a small bowl of soup and a little after 1PM I decided to go for my run.  Rain is supposed to be moving in, and I wanted to get it done.  I used the bathroom before heading off, which apparently did not empty my bladder the way I’d hoped.  By the time I got to the park I already felt the need to use the bathroom again, but I ignored it.  I started off and after my very first 1.5 minute run my bladder was already screaming at me.  During the second 1.5 minute run, my whole body was already feeling more winded and sore than at the end of any of the other days.  I really think it was because my muscles were focused on not using the bathroom on myself.  Thankfully I’m running on a part of a trail that is only .25 miles in length so I end up coming back to my car every half mile.  That’s all I managed today – half a mile.

The lesson here is don’t eat soup only 30 minutes before a run.  The broth simply took no time to work through my system…I think running hungry would be a far better option.  Also, a long sleeve t-shirt when it’s 70 degrees outside is pretty stupid.

I’m going to do my best to redo this day tomorrow.  On an empty bladder =)

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