Yeah, right

While at lunch today I was talking to my parents about my running goals.  I told them when my first 5k would be and that my goal next year was to run a half marathon.  At this point, my dad chuckled and said Yeah right.

I don’t blame his reaction one bit…I have that reaction when tell it to myself.  Yeah right.  

I have something to prove to myself.  I’ll be 34 years old in two months and those 34 years have been filled with big dreams and few follow-throughs.  I want that to end now.  When I tell people of a dream or desire I want their response to be “If any will do it, you will.” instead of “Yeah right.” 

2012 is going to be a year of finishes.  I’m set to get my Associates degree in May, I only have two more classes to complete.  2012 will be the year I become the person I want to be.  It isn’t going to be by chance, or just fall into my lap, it’s going to happen because I’m going after it.  2012 is about following through and finishing.  College, 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons, higher paying job, I’m going for it. 

No Day But Today.


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